Two-Wheels and Four Wheels…

Bike Bikes Bike… Its all about motorbikes… Normally. The love for two wheels has always been a huge part of me and a piece of my heart, but the foundation of why I love riding so much has to do with the idea of exploration. Yes I love machines and piloting them, riding and enjoying motor sport, however one of the main benefits for me is the idea of being about to explore and enjoy this beautiful planet and reaching the path less taken via two wheels.

Recently however, having relocated to a new continent, it has opened up the potential, not only for two wheel exploration but also for world exploration in general.

I have not been exclusive to the motorcycle world, I’ve also always been into the motorized lifestyle and motor sports in general. Hey, I was one of those kids in the 80’s with a Porsche 911 poster in their bedroom… most of us were.

Long story short, having moved to the Middle East, I’ve reentered the four wheel mode and have expanded the idea of world exploration via truck. There is a whole new world out here to explore and a lot of it is doable on either two or four wheel machines and I’ve taking the choice of 4×4 out here for many reasons, most importantly the ability to travel with my wife who doesn’t ride. I wasn’t able to share all of my experiences before unit now as she’s enjoy the trips along the Persian Gulf and the grinding rides into the sandy dunes.

A new bike is on the horizon for my riding out here but as I ponder and shop, our new Toyota truck is our home, adventure seeker and base camp all in one.

Unlike most of America and Europe, the MidEast, Africa etc can be rough… out side of the main cities asphalt is still a luxury and the desert can swallow an incapable SUV. Grocery getters, urban SUVs and “soccer mom” cute utes have no place here for exploration beyond the city and gravel roads. This is why we’ve opted for a proper rig, the FJ cruiser for our rugged off road needs. Other options were the worlds top exploration capable vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender, Nissan Patrol/Safari, Land Cruiser, Jeep etc but we went for the FJ. Toyota has very wide spread support coverage in this part of the world, it has a pedigree of exploration truck history and are pretty reliable and easy to work on. The only thing preventing us from getting our first choice Defender, is the lack of airbags which would prevent us from importing into certain countries like Canada etc and the service and parts network vs Toyota and its reliability.

So welcome to the toy… this site will now be talking about all things off road, travel and exploration.


Cheers, from a balmy 43 degrees Celsius.



Toyota FJ Cruiser

BMW Latin America GS Trophy

Some BMW news from the latin America GS Trophy regional qualifications for the 2014 international GS event. The event took place March 14-16th in Columbia and included riders from all over Southern America including Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. Being a follower of GS events, I love watching the GS Trophy qualifications and BMW posted some cool images recently… I thought I’d post up on here.

Enjoy. There are some really awesome shots in this batch!


Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW Latin GS Trophy BMW

2015 Dakar News: Despres to race on 4 wheels!

Dakar News: Despres to race on 4 wheels!

Following the 2015 Dakar press conference this morning, like just about everyone else, I was shocked to hear the biggest news of the press conference, which was, that Cyril Despres will be competing in the 2015 Dakar as a driver for Peugeot, who is also making a return to Dakar. Despres will be teaming with Carlos Sainz. The fact that Despres will be running in a car its not completely surprising, however, myself as well as many others where shocked to discover that it will be happening so soon after building a bike and riding for team Yamaha for only one Dakar after leaving KTM. Stephane Peterhansel was another famous/popular rider who has done the same in recent years. After winning an arm full of titles as a motorcyclist, he then proceeded to win the Dakar on four wheels in a new extension of his motorsports carrer. There is no doubt, Stephane had some influence on Despres. This will also be an interesting change in the motorcycle rally circuit.

In other news for the 2015, the route was announced, starting Buenos Aires, the route will loop through Bolivia, Chile and then back through Argentina where there will both start and finish.


Peugeot - Despres 2015