Heavyweight Fun

No it’s not all about the 450cc class. You can have fun, drive anywhere pleasure with a large “enduro” for the majority of riding.

Many larger enduro bikes are popular these days. 650cc class to the 990cc class are some of the most popular “capable” bikes today for people who want to tackle a little off road, adventure, camp etc without the need to trailer a bike around. You can just get on and go, drive where ever your heart desires with these road legal machines.

Some of the more popular ones can be fitted to be quite capable. These are the BMW F800GS, KTM 990 Adventure. Some older models are still very popular such as the G/F650GS and G650X Challenge and even the old KLR holds a loyal crowd. Of course, not cheap in any way, you can tune the F800GS and the 990 to be quite the machine that can go “anywhere”. Naturally, it will have its limitations, where a smaller bike would have an advantage, but they will still take you anywhere.

Since the rise in popularity of these technically “mid-weight” bikes, more and more events are starting to cater to the class. The GS Trophy is a popular one and in the video below you will also see the “24 Hours of Starvation Ridge” geared at large KTM bikes which is actually quite awesome!